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Pt 2 Other Herbalist Ways Of Diagnosing- Herbalist Margi Flint

Body reading, Observation. Margi Flint

Margi Flint practices herbalism in the seacoast town of Marblehead, Massachusetts, and over the last 30 years has become their village herbalist. She is an adjunct professor at North Shore Community College, The Tufts University School of Medicine, Bastyr University, Pacific Rim College, and the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy. Margi is author of the text book, The Practicing Herbalist: Meeting with Clients, Reading the Body. She also lectures internationally and is a professional member of the American Herbalists Guild.

In this interview, Margi discusses her work as a practicing herbalist, how she mentors, facial diagnostics as well as other methods she uses, and answers many questions submitted by HerbMentor members on health issues and being a practicing herbalist.

I have been to Marblehead MA St Many times in the past, a wonderful place

You can visit Margi Flint at

One thing you WILL NOT find in most herb books, how to do an intake, and do a herbal practice, almost all, we have very, very little.

There is this women work, not all new age PTL. The only book I know of that tells how to do a diagnosis, by reading person and such. Different, defined, great. the soft copy PDF book is 80.00 a lot of money, but a real need for any serious herbalist. I have looked only in herb schools not text books do people learn intakes, materia medica, diagnosis. This may be the only book like it odd no mention of herbs at all, shocking, well it is about the intake, problems that come, how to read a face good stuff I have studied this-body language, reading a face, tongue , pulse, intake, all this and no herbs, but this is the only book I know of, maybe you reader know of others, if so please comment.

I have spent years online looking for others intake , diagnosis ways, not easy they are no where to be found, ever see a free video series on doing an intake, reading a person , using different methods of diagnosis. Go to you tube type in herb get not one video, this is about to change I am doing a couple soon. I do much research online, books, websites, videos, groups, NOTHING, why the secret in this area.-Pay up man, that is why.

1. It takes years to learn

2. Learn a diagnosis method you choose to use.

3. Schools even books websites simply do not have this diagnosis available. This will be changed. I am working hard on the herb school dip 2 is hard but great doing it, no herb dip 2 students yet.

4. Many herbalist simply use an intake, observation, pulse, tongue, body system herbs, basically most western herbalist use this more medical approach and that is how I do it with prayer. I do observe a lot, this observation is amazing once you learn to look and listen.

5. This is why so few boos to be found, its the basics, we are looking at several herbalists ways of diagnosis. This is but another, and maybe the closets to how I practice.

You can see an excerpt on line at the and what others have to say that got this book.
The cover seems a tad dark-new age, I listened to a hour talk by this women and does not sound new bad. Hear her interview on sound cloud at,

You can listen to an excellent hour podcast, she says enough to get what she does and how.

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Once again the Herb school link .

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