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Herb School Student Testimonys

NOTE June 23 2017 more testimonies more coming.

The herb school has been around in one way or another over 5 years.
It is slow going but I know this school will help many. 
Lastly, once again Summer Promotion, pay 75.00 administration fee for dip one and you get dip 2 studies free a 2 for 1 a chance for many , anyone, LOL. 
To sign up and get in on this amazing educational gift.

More testimony's will come in. It seems women are less likely, student or not to give a pic sorry its the norm I understand, the men got to be men and they show the face LOL.

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Charles Vernon-TX ST-USA 

When I first started looking at taking a class on Herb cures because of problems I was having with Gout, I would have never expected to find a course like this. At 52 years old and a plant lover I thought this would be out of my reach. Most of the schools are very high priced and deal with things that I did not wont to be involved in as a Christian. Then I found this Christian Herb School and thought to my self this sounds to good to be true so I did some checking and now i am in school again! If you are looking for a school that teaches you about Herbs and does not take all your money to do it, and is faith based Then this is for you. The classes are at your on pace and Pastor Dans mentoring, is very helpful, and as for me I have learned so much in a short time and am eager to see what is next. Learning can be fun.

Herbal Testimony

Herbalist Charles Novak

D"Abaldo Herbal School - Diploma One Herbalist Diploma

Hello to all, just wanted to let you know of my experience at D'Abaldo Herbal School, while working to achieve my Level one Home Herbalist diploma. Well I must say that at first, I really felt that I had entered into uncharted territory applying for and taking this course of study. But I must say that once I started the studies, I realized that it was very much achievable...not easy...but with hard work and studying, very achievable.

I had questions, many questions, and Master Herbalist Danny Abaldo, Mentor and Founder of D'Abaldo Herbal School was more than happy to help to answer these questions.

Also, he personally mentored me with herbal mentoring through “Skype” as we live some 2,500 mile apart from one another. With the class work given, along with the detailed instructions for each class, I successfully received a Level One Home Herbalist Diploma.

And for all of those who are wondering, yes Master Herbalist Danny Abaldo and I still skype and have mentoring sessions to this day. I have also been a student at Truth And Mercy Institute Of Advance Ministry Studies, which Danny Abaldo is the Dean And Founder, also a Doctorate of Ministry holder. This is a hands on, one on one school interfaced with the Dean and Founder himself. Christian rooted and based...(Amen) Hands on in the sense that you will have to made Herbal Medicine to completion as a grade and class project. This is not a read only book school, you will read, you will research and make Herbal Medicine, and you will be tested after all of this.

Rest assured that when you finish your course of study at D'Abaldo Herbal School, you will know what you are doing due to your course of study, and have the definite ability to research, construct, and produce the Herbal Medicine that is needed...and most of all you will have the complete understanding of how it works, and why it is constructed in the fashion it is, as well as have the knowledge of many, many other methods of making many other Herbal Remedies, for yourself and others. Also, at any time that you feel that you need assistance, just email, call on the phone, or arrange a skype session with the Pastor Dan M.H., to get the proper Herbal mentoring assistance that is needed. And don't forget about the Ministry School that is available or the Christian prayer, or mentoring that is their for you as well. You may look...but you will not find a better Christian Herbal School...with direct connection to the Dean and Founder himself as your Dean, Teacher, Mentor, Guide...and Friend.

Sincerely, Home Herbalist Charles Novak. Asst To Pastor Dan

Angela Johnson

"I am so grateful to God for this course. I believe He has placed this course in my life to help me learn how to help others. I had been searching for a course on herbalism that didn't have a New Age focus and this one is it. There is so much information and I've learned so much in the short time that I've been a student. The creator of the course has been so helpful and caring about my studies. He is encouragement to me in my studies. I would not hesitate to recommend this course to someone looking to become a Christian herbalist"

Today, 11:09 AMYou
Student Testimonial

  Laurie Boyd

"Last year I took an herbal class at a local community college and greatly enjoyed it. However, the cost was $900 per quarter, and the philosophy shared with the teaching was very self-focused. Being a Jesus follower, I decided to look for an online herbal school to attend that shared my Christian values, yet gave a robust and rich opportunity for learning, medicine making, and mentor interaction. After reviewing several schools and watching several YouTube videos of Pastor Danny's teaching, I decided to join the D'Abaldo Herbal School. Pastor Danny's strengths are in his knowledge of herbs, his love of teaching people, and his desire to help as many people as possible. He does this best through his video teachings, and the very rich and challenging courses he has outlined. Being a person who is grammatically sensitive, and understanding that writing is not one of Pastor Danny's gifts, I looked beyond the letters on a page, and found a teacher who truly cares about people, and truly knows herbs. I am thankful I found his website, met him through email and the videos, and joined this school. I am learning SO MUCH! Laurie B." Laurie Boyd

Robert Bannister;


My name is Pastor Dr. Robert Bannister, Associate Pastor of Truth and Mercy Ministries. I would like to take this time to introduce you to D'Abaldo Herbal School. Currently I am working on Diploma 1 Home Herbalist.

I would like to take a moment to give special thanks to Pastor Danny Abaldo. His friendship means more to me than mere words can describe for this true and faithful Brother in the Lord. I studied for my Doctor of Ministry degree under Pastor Abaldo. His kindness, patience, guidance, encouragement and endurance were remarkable during such an important time in my life. I think of 1 Corinthians Chapter 13 as I reflect upon these things. I can never repay Pastor Abaldo for all that he has done for me. Such are among the best things life has to offer this side of Heaven.

The ministry work in which God has called me includes biblical pastoral counseling on a personal basis with those whom God has placed before me to minister the truths of God's Word. I believe God has given us all we need in His creation, not just to survive-but to thrive as His children. He has given us an astounding array of varieties of herbal vegetation, not only to take pleasure in the wonder of His creation, but also for our benefit of good health-that we may serve Him according to His will for our lives.

I find that many people suffer in various degrees due to lack of good nutrition and lack of knowledge as to how to effectively treat health conditions which have such a profound effect upon our lives, and I am no means an exception in this matter. As an example, I find that there are times when I become somewhat irritable throughout the day. Of course this is sin-I have no doubt about this at all. Call it what it is. With this being said, now what would be beneficial to me? I certainly want to be the man whom Has called me to be-I don't want to do or say anything to another that I would later regret. I will share with you an event that recently occurred at a Walmart store. A woman shopper of about 50 years old shoved my 4 ½ year old (autistic) grandson out of the way and yelled at him as he was apparently standing in front of some merchandise she wanted. Instinctivly I wanted to shove her into said merchandise rack and make her bleed! Or simply knock her out! I was super angry! If I would have chosen to physically hurt that troubled woman in retalliation, and believe me in the flesh I really wanted to-who knows what would have happened? Would have the outcome have come out much differently had I not felt well that day? What would my grandson whom I love with all my heart think if he saw Grandpa being handcuffed and hauled away by the police? These things can happen when you least expect it. Now back to me being whom God has called me to be-is there an herb that will help me nutritionally with what I may lack? The answer is yes there is. I learned that St. Johns Wort is beneficial to me, and now take it daily as a part of some other supplements I currently partake of. I learned of this marvelous herb from D'Abaldo Herbal School. There is so much more I want to learn-not only for the benefit of self and loved ones, but also for the benefit of those whom God has soverignly placed before me.

If you are considering becoming a student at D'Abaldo Herbal School I would like to encourage you. In this ungodly world constantly engaging in all type of humanistic and pagan rumination, you don't have to settle for an herbal school which embraces these ideas rooted in paganism. Pastor Abaldo is a very dear and true Brother in Christ, and is very knowledgeable in herbalism as a Master Herbalist. I know that I am both excited and challenged to learn more everyday about these herbs which God has created for us! Please join me and the others as we continue to marvel the things of His creation.

Pastor Bob

D' Abaldo Herbal School. Testimonial
Linda Duray
Today, 11:38 AMYou
I have been involved with the school for a little over a month and am so far very pleased with it as a whole.  I like that it is done at your own pace and there is no new age garbage here.  One of the best things is your willingness to go above and beyond expectations when it comes to answering questions and concerns.

Thank you for the personal time you take,

Linda Duray

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