Friday, June 16, 2017

Been hear far to long-Song -Take A Listen-Like Neal Young?

Yes I record Music as well LOL.
Just wanted to post this song, something different, we all can have many hats to put on, this is another.
Was in the pro music field many years as I was an herbalist and Minister.Take a listen to This song.

Published on Jun 16, 2017

This is a Non-Christian song with a message. If you like Neal Young , you will like this song I did. I was asked long ago on Soundclick if I would do a Neal Young style song. I have never listened much to him or the band when together the song came out and was first place in category and the challenge given me, by fellow independent recording artists.

I said I can write a song on anything, any style, so I was challenge to do this and it came out good fro the reviews from long ago.

I did the vocals as I was feeling, I was outside Seattle a few years and going crazy with the rain, fog, drizzle, I really did not like where we were and this song says what many feel-Man-Been hear far to long, time to move on.

This song was on It's a 2 Thing a CD top 10 Charts a long time on Soundclick, link to my music page, all styles, all kinds of music, free download, just sign up as a listener and its all free.

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