Sunday, June 18, 2017

Another Song I Did-Sand In My Eyes-Anti-War Song

Come gather round children, closer to the fire, warm yourself, I have a story to tell you about a once great hero, and a once great nation.

Just Posted on YT I said.

Sand In My Eyes-Anti War Song-Free Cd The War Machine

Note: Please listen with headphones on, there is a lot of effects and panning need headphones on loud LOL. To hear all this song has in it, crank the bass it thumps when it should, wild and very different song. thank you

Some will like it or hate it a very different composition I have done to date. I use a drum beat and sound that is world sounds. It has the feel and groove and strong, strong lyrics.

I hate war do you? It has been many years since 60's that we had anti war songs no more, hard to find, so this is a very modern tack on War, in the battle field soldiers get sand in their eyes, when we watch the horror of war w stand weeping with sand in OUR eyes.

My second song posted. been a long time, I have other songs on YT, look at the song play list, all songs I recorded. All 100% free, and free to downfield.

To hear more songs look at my music page at,

CD Art Work On All Cd Art, My 33 Year old son Nicholas Abaldo, a great artists and Photo Shop talent.

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